What to do after Matric – Full Guide 2021

What to do after Matric - Full Guide 2021

What to do after Matric?

A question, mostly disturb every student of Secondary School Certification (SSC) / matriculation. Before pandemic situation of COVID 19, the students sincere with their studies think of having admission in F.SC (Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering) / Intermediate, Associative Diploma in Engineering (ADE) in Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.


Students with lack of sources and resources think to learn a skill or be associated with family tradition (mostly “Labour”). But conditions after COVID – 19, got completely changed.

Online Coaching Classes after Matric:

       Expensive coaching classes, irregular and online classes to grab the fees, uncertainty about the physical classes just hooked up all the parents and students. 

A few of them managed to have proper classes but mostly have failed to have this from the last two academic years. This all has brutally shacked the education standards, and will of students that what they should do and how they have planned their future studies.

Covid-19 effect on Matric students:

        Restriction of movements, SOPs to follow, and other all liabilities have cooked up the students. Now everyone is seeking to find a way out of it. One thing that is even more terrifying is lockdown has created a fear in everyone’s mind, especially students. 

A naked truth to be unleashed here that, most of the students at this level are not counseled for their studies or career at all. If they would counsel properly at initial level or after, when they complete their primary level, that what should they accord to their interest and how they should plan their studies that might support them in their field of choice.

Bonus Tip for Free Students:

This must help to curb the ghost of unemployment in some manners. Once students are able to pass middle school, the first choice that students have is opting for science subjects or arts subjects. The two of these options are available for pursing education at secondary school certification respectively. 

Students at this level not only have the choice to opt for science or art subjects, but they also have to decide on selecting an appropriate intermediate qualification. Once students are able to complete their matric successfully, they are now eligible to proceed to the next level in their studies. But one thing must be kept in mind that this lockdown has effected every profession.

Jobs for Matric Students: 

Matric is a degree which is not considered as degree which may help you to grab a job in this era of technology. Even more than 95% of job advertisements did not consider matric as a minimum qualification even for the post of daftari or clerk. 

Along this after matric some students go for some computers short courses like graphic designing, coral draw etc. or some of the students got grip over Microsoft Office and found a job of typist or started their own setup by investing a amount of computer and printer and got self-employed.

Skills for Students:  

Increasing trend of Android phones also created some self-employment jobs, like maintaining or updating the software, unlocking the forgotten pattern or password, downloading the video songs, movies or other stuff to mobile memory or flash card.

Matric class is the basic level education in Pakistan and almost all students have in an adequate manner. The tenth class students are almost in search of something that may help them achieve their future goals of studies and jobs or grab any scholarship for their studies. 

High Paying Jobs:

You can still supply meaning to such something the way to get the new matters in the routine life. The creativity is a continually money-making aspect for lots to get the hobby at high degree.

         The level being incorporated in almost all those students who want to grow in life and go faster than any other aspect. The lust to get the maximum level of knowledge before seeking the admission in higher secondary classes is actually the race to have a good reputation in all academic manners for the upcoming level.

Short Courses for Students: 

One can say that student’s life is the major decision maker who gives a man a way to get the success after Matric In Pakistan. Therefore many institutes and colleges in Pakistan now are offering short courses in information technology. 

Now the following query is justified as nicely that why the statistics technology is a focal point within the current research in Pakistan now a day as nicely.

Career for Students after matric:

Then students of matriculation education, they can have their career in the computer science field as well. Male students have sharp minds, and they’re greater and right enough in pc technological know-how knowledge.

It is all good and better for matric students if they will adopt the computer science field for their career. Nowadays and modern-day vicinity, this area of computer generation has extensive scope and you could have the principal chew of your career in the website improvement region as well. 

Scope after matric students:

The information school always considered technical aspect in its vision because it can observe through various streams that competitive one is only one which is career oriented and beneficial according to scope wise as well.

The helping of such certificate is also termed individual help, organizational aspect as well as the communities to achieve the measures. The student after matric can have different kinds of courses relating to the medical field as radiography operator, BP operator, ECG operator, etc., and start their career with any doctor. 

Join Forces after matric:

Then the last option which is left behind for these 10th class students is that they can have their career in the Pakistan army. Every 12 months, many junior level commissioned officer posts are opened by means of Pakistan’s military, naval navy and also by means of Pakistan’s air force. 

Their requirement is likewise training up to matric class. So matric students can serve in those areas as well. Along this they may also join police after having matriculation because the post of sepahi / constable is announced on a need basis in their different zone.


                In conclusion, this will be right to say that different kinds of career counseling programs arranged in schools (private & Govt.) may help all students of matric level to plan their studies or career easily. And awareness of different skills may help them out to survive with their ambitions by doing a part-time job.


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