Vivo has started selling new smartphone V21 in Pakistan

Vivo has started selling new smartphone v21 in Pakistan
The world-renowned smartphone company vivo has started selling a new smartphone, VIVO V21, in Pakistan. This charming smartphone equipped with unique optical image stabilization (OIS) technology can take the best selfies day and night.
Its front camera is specially designed for the best photography and videography at night.

VIVO V21 is available for sale across Pakistan from today after this month’s launch.

On this occasion, senior manager of vivo’s brand strategy, Zaheer Chauhan, said that the new smartphone v21, which was included in the vv series, has been developed in line with the changing demands of the smartphone market after a deep observation of the smartphone market.
We are committed to providing our customers with the best price, the highest performance and attractive design, camera focused devices, and this modern smartphone is a major breakthrough towards our completion of this commitment.
Vivo V21 has all the latest and best features with high-end smartphones that today’s selfie generation will not find in any other smartphone of this price.
Vivo V21 has set a new standard in the smartphone industry by taking photography eve in the night, as well as powerful computing tools and charming designs.

This smartphone Vivo V21 is also very suitable for this new era’s electric speed life style.

Vivo V21 is the slim smart phone in the unique optical image stabilization (ois) technology front-camera industry.
Its 44 megapixel front camera has facilities like oi night selfie system, selfie spotlight, ai night portrait, ai night algorithm with which users can take the best pictures at night.
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