Transfer old Android apps data in your new phone

Apps in smart phone can be installed on a few clicks. This procedure is so simple that users do not even see the files installed. In fact, mobile phone users no longer need to look at the installed files while they are also able to install the app at one click.

Sometimes it happens that we install an app from the play store and later take a new mobile.

When we go to the play store again, the app has disappeared from there.

One way to reinstall this app may be that we can download the app file from a third party website and install the application, but it can be dangerous to install the app from anywhere.

Another better way is to move the app from the old Android phone to the new phone.

His procedure is not too difficult.

The procedure is to install the apk extractor pro app from the play store in your old phone. Click here to install this app. In the free version of this app you will have to bear ads. Allow it to access files by running this app.

Then find the app you want to move. Tap the existing three-dot menu with the app. Then tap share and select the place where you want to save the app file. This place can also be Google Drive or email itself.

Then open the apk file from a new phone to Google Drive or from your email account and install it. By doing so, your phone can also warn you to prevent the installation of an unknown app. 

You can allow unknown files to be installed in Settings. After giving permission, tap the back button and install the new app according to the prompt instructions.

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