Wild Arabia - Hidden Deep in the Desert | Cold Blood (Nat Geo Wild)

17 Jan 2022

Arabian Desert | Animals | Cold Desert

Is dedicated to the reptiles of the Arabian Desert the undisputed rulers of this region.

Many are not aware about the diverse wildlife that is found in Saudi Arabia.
Many of these species have adapted to the Arabian climate over the years and are only found in Arabia in the wild.

The animal life in Saudi Arabia is very limited due to the desert climate and most of the animals live either off the coast in the seas or in the southwest where there is more greenery. The most notable mammal in the country is the camel although smaller mammals also exist like the ibex goat hyena and smaller mammals and rodents. The sea life is primarily limited to the Persian Gulf and Red Sea as these two seas contain incredible sea life and the Red Sea also boasts a number of great corals which only add to the animal diversity.

Among the birds in Saudi Arabia most only pass by on their migratory route but the number of birds on this migratory route is incredibly large. Among the most common birds are flamingos pelicans pigeons and buzzards. There are few amphibians in the country but a number of reptiles including lizards and snakes

Most of the endemic wildlife is found in the southern part of the country in the mountainous region. The region is the most verdant in the country largely due to the cooler temperatures and moisture-laden air.

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