Why e-Scooters are catching FIRE in India? (3D Animation) #Shorts

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

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Have you ever wondered why a lot of electric scooters are catching fire these days? An electric Scooter runs on this 40Ah lithium ion battery. These cells are present inside the battery packs of these batteries. There are two main reasons behind fire catching incidents of these cells in the battery pack. The first one is the failure of BMS or Battery Management System.

Because of the failure of Battery Management System, the circulation of this Ethylene glycol coolant stops, whose job was to maintain the temperature of the battery pack. As a result, the temperature of these cells rises up to 90-100 degree celsius, which leads the cells to catch fire and a chain reaction starts in the battery pack.

The second main reason is the Faulty charging. As you are always recommended to use only the provided original charger to charge your smartphone, similarly if you charge your EV with a non-standard cable or through a socket which lack the proper earthing or it's faulty, then this Battery Management System will definitely get some faults and its probability of catching fire will increase.

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