Why do we get PIMPLES? (3D Animation) #Shorts

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

Have you ever wondered why we get pimples? Let me explain to you the science behind it with the help of 3D animation. This is a pore on our skin, and there exist sebaceous glands beneath these pores. These glands release an oily substance named "Sebum" to prevent our skin from dryness. This sebum keeps being secreted around the hair on our skin so that skin do not get dry.

But the noteworthy point is that sebum also carries the dead cells and drops them out of our body.

And the problem will arise when this sebum and dead cells get secreted in an extra amount, because of which, our skin pores will get blocked.

A bacteria named PROPIONIBACTERIUM ACNES also exists on the skin that feeds on this sebum.

When a lot of sebum gets deposited, this bacteria actively participate in consuming the sebum present in the pores and will spread infection. In response to this, our immune system will send white blood cells and red blood cells to the pimple. The red blood cells causes the redness on the surface of the pimple, and WBCs are responsible for inflammation.
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