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Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
13 Jan 2022

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This Edureka video on 'What is Snowflake' will give you an overview of Snowflake data warehouse software as a service as well the key features & architecture of Snowflake and will help you understand various important concepts that concern Snowflake.
Following pointers are covered in this Snowflake Tutorial:
00:00:00 Agenda
00:01:22 What is a Data Warehouse?
00:02:30 Why Snowflake?
00:04:28 What is Snowflake?
00:05:52 Snowflake Key Features
00:08:28 Snowflake Working Architecture
00:13:20 Snowflake Walkthrough
00:18:44 Data Visualization using Snowflake
00:26:00 Pricing Options


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