What's it like Daily Driving an Evo 9?

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
27 Feb 2022

Is the Evo the best daily driver or the WORST? In this Evovlog I cover the necessities of a daily driver and whether or not the Evo 9 meets the standards that we expect!

I've owned my Evo IX for almost 4 years now and I have daily driven it since day one. Rain, Snow, or Shine, I've put this car through it all and will continue to daily drive it! In the video, I cover the drivability of the car with and without boost, the interior room of the car for passengers, trunk space for groceries or bodies, comfort, maintenance/reliability, and power necessities of a DD.

Note* I am only covering my thoughts on the Evo 9, not the Evo 8 or the Evo X. I will leave that comparison for someone else. These are just my personal thoughts on what I think makes a good dd and whether the evo honestly meets those standards. Any other questions can be covered in the comments! If you dig the content, please, like, comment, or subscribe for more videos!

Car in video: 2006 Lancer Evolution MR


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