US Visa Forecast For 2022 | Path To Citizenship Passes House!

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
09 Jan 2022

Today we're taking a look at what to expect for US Visas in 2022, and discussing the path to citizenship that just passed the House of Representatives. In a recent live stream, Charlie Oppenheim revealed his plans for family-sponsored and employment-based visas going into fiscal year 2022, explaining what kind of movement we can expect to see in future visa bulletins. And Congressional Democrats were able to come to an agreement on the $3.5T budget reconciliation bill, which contains $107B for a path to citizenship. This is big news you won't want to miss!


0:00 Visas in FY2022
0:36 Family-Sponsored Forecast
1:08 Employment-Based Forecast
1:57 USCIS Visa Processing
2:47 $3.5T Budget Passes House
3:23 Next Steps

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