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21 Jan 2022

Getting a quote on your car and/or home insurance has always been a hassle. Calling multiples companies and getting schooled by agents that seem to either look down on you for not knowing what bodily injury means or, some that don't understand it themselves. On top of it all, it never fails when you find the right agent, they retire!

Not anymore. In this video I go over the new app Cover and show you how they are giving you options. I saved over $800 in my quote with this app. No more getting unwanted phone calls with agents following up. The app allows you to text and let the agent know if/when you're ready to talk.

Don't need an agent? No problem! You can buy the insurance through the app itself, sometimes, they'll give you credit to get it started. I'm simply amazed!

Get your FREE quote w/Cover:

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