Samira Zopunyan - Mermaid Tails

31 Jul 2021

Samira Zopunyan - Mermaid Tails | Восточные танцы | Belly dance
NEW VIDEO "AMBRE" (continuation of Mermaid Tails):

Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea, participant of the projects "DANCES on TNT" and "DANCE" on channel 1. Winner of the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation Putin V.V. Multiple winner of international, All-Russian and world choreographic competitions. The winner of beauty contests.

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Main character, dancer - Samira Zopunyan
Director of photography – Artur Xasanov
Music - Aslan Tlebzu

Actor - Michael Tchua
Story board - Artur Nashev, Artur Kencheshaov

Танцевальный клип belly dance Самиры Зопунян на композицию "Истории Русалки" снятый в Абхазии... (С) 2016

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Mau ap rupany angkat telpon

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V nice

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very nice

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