?? Roza Bibi Sakina sa | Bibi Sakina ki Shahadat | Pakistan to Iraq Syria by air travel | Episode 26

10 May 2022

🇸🇾 Roza Bibi Sakina sa | Bibi Sakina ki Shahadat | Pakistan to Iraq Syria by air travel | Episode 26

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Ruqayyah bint Al-Ḥusayn (Arabic: رُقَيَّة بِنْت ٱلْحُسَيْن, born on the 20th of Rajab, 56 AH – 5 Rabi' al-Thani, 60 / 61 AH or 676 CE; died on the 10th of Safar, 60 / 61 AH or 680 / 681 CE), was the daughter of Husayn ibn Ali and Rubab bint Imra al-Qais. Her brothers included Ali Zayn al-Abidin, Ali al-Akbar, and Ali al-Asghar. Her sisters included Fatimah as-Sughra and Fatimah al-Kubra, with the latter also being called 'Sakinah'.
Ruqayya (Arabic: رقيّة) is an Arabic female given name that means to "rise, ascent, ascending", "chant or recite Divine Words". It is derived either from Arabic "ruqia" meaning "rise, ascent" or from "ruqyah", meaning "spell, charm, incantation".According to Najm al-Din Tabasi, the name of the fourth daughter of Husayn is Ruqayyah. The name of Ruqayya and the events that took place for her in the ruins of Sham were mentioned in other books include Kamil Baha'i by Imad al-Din Tabari, Bihar al-Anwar by Mohammad-Baqer Majlesi, and Lohoof by Sayyed Ibn Tawus. However, in mentioning the names of the children of Husayn, Al-Shaykh Al-Mufid mentioned just two daughters named Fatimah and Sukainah for Husayn. After the Battle of the Karbala, she was taken to Suriya with other members family of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, and the heads of those murdered by the forces of Yazid as a captive.Taking hadith and history sources into consideration, a daughter of Husayn (who was named Ruqayya or Fatimah) died near the head of her father in the ruins of Sham. According to different narrations, she was three, four, at the time of her death.
She accompanied her father when he traveled from Mecca to Kufah in Iraq. On the 2nd of Muharram, 61 AH (680 CE), Husain and 72 of his family members and companions were forced to camp in the plains of Karbala by Yazid's army of 30,000 men. Yazid ibn Muawiyyah was the practical Caliph who desired religious authority by obtaining the allegiance of Husain, but the Imam would not give up his principles.After being deprived of food and water for 3 days, on the 10th of Muharram, the Imam's household was attacked, a number of his companions were killed, and the survivors were made captives. The survivors included the Imam's sisters, wife, and daughters, including Sukayna, relatives of companions of the Imam, and his son, Ali Zaynul-Abidin, who did not participate in the battle, due to an illness. Sukayna, as with others, had been grieved over the killings.They had also suffered from thirst.

The survivors were marched by Yazid's army from Karbala to Kufah, where Sukayna received water from a sympathetic woman, and then to Damascus in Shaam. There was a lack of pity on the captors' part during the journey. Even at these times of hardship and misery, Ruqayyah was sympathetic to others, such as her mother, whom she consoled her mother on the death of Ali al-Asghar.

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