Relationship Tip by Qasim Ali Shah in Urdu/Hindi | Don’t Try to Change Your Life Partner

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
19 Feb 2022

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Qasim Ali Shah sharing his wisdom on the topic of “Relationship Management” specifically with your spouse.

Key Points Discussed in the Video:
• Living with a person who has a different background, exposure, experiences, cir****stances and intellect.
• Principles In case of conflict of interest,
o Don’t advise, don’t try to change your partner.
o Don’t stop doing good with other people.
o Prove yourself with patience.
• There is a difference between tolerance and patience.
• Whatever is happening with you is accurate.
• The story of the sailor.
• Sometimes we have to accept the situations as it is.
• Learn to know where to put force, where to have patience and where to accept the situation as it is.
• Make things well defined in your life.
• No one can be like you.
• Same event can have different meanings for everyone.
• There is a difference of nature in men and women by default because they are the creatures from different planets.

What can You Learn From This Video?
How to change your partner?
What did I learn during meditation?
How Fazal and Karam happens?
What to do when your loved ones die?

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Qasim Ali Shah is not just a Motivational Speaker but an enthusiastic doer. He followed his passions and proved his self a Successful Entrepreneur, Inspiring Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Philanthropist and a Transformational Trainer.

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