Power BI Tutorial From Beginner to Pro ⚡ Desktop to Dashboard in 60 Minutes ⏰

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
16 Jan 2022

This Complete Power BI Tutorial takes you Step-by-Step as you use Power BI Desktop to create a beautiful Power BI Dashboard. 👉 Download Power BI Files in Video at https://web.learnpowerbi.com/d....ownload?content=2019

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▶️Topics Covered◀️ (click to jump to topic)
02:27 1. Get Data (Query Editor)
21:42 2. Relationships
33:41 3. DAX
48:15 4. Visuals
56:13 5. PowerBI.com

▶️Detailed Topics Covered◀️ (click to jump to topic)
00:00 How to Use this Tutorial
02:27 1A Meet the Power BI Duo!
03:06 1B Get Data - Connectors and Get Simple Data
08:45 1C Get Data - Query Editor Overview
12:40 1D Get Data - Clean up Messy Data
15:52 1E Get Data - Query Editor vs Macros
17:29 1F Get Data - Clean up Continued
21:42 2A Relationships - Key Concepts 🗝️
24:10 2B Relationships - Creating Relationships
26:59 2C Relationships - Explore Data Using Visuals
32:42 2D Relationships - Analyzing Multiple Data Tables Together 🗝️
33:41 3A DAX - Writing DAX Measure (Implicit vs. Explicit Measures) 🗝️
37:00 3B DAX - Calculated Column
39:03 3C DAX - Measure vs. Calculated Column (Key Concept 🗝️)
44:26 3D DAX - More Measures and Magic!
46:20 3E DAX - Before and After Power BI 🗝️
48:15 4A Visuals - 80/20 Rule 🗝️
49:19 4B Visuals - Text, Image, Cards, Shape
51:28 4C Visuals - Bar/Column Chart, Drill Down
52:51 4D Visuals - Conditional Formatting 🗝️
53:38 4E Visuals - Line Chart, Bar Chart
54:11 4F Visuals - Top 10 Products/Customers
56:13 5A Power BI.com - Publish
57:28 5B PowerBI.com - Features In-Depth 🗝️
59:27 5C PowerBI.com - Everything About Dashboards 🗝️
01:02:19 5D PowerBI.com - Sharing Dashboards with Others 🗝️
01:02:46 Your 3 Crucial Next Steps to Power On!

▶️Next Step In Your Journey◀️
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▶️Slower Power BI Tutorial◀️

▶️Links to Other YouTube Videos◀️
You can watch ALL the videos mentioned in this Tutorial as part of this playlist
👉 https://www.youtube.com/playli....st?list=PL7GQQXV5Z8e

This playlist includes:
• How to Download & Install Power BI
• 🗝️Power BI Licensing (Paid Power BI Options)
• 🗝️Ultimate Calendar Table
• 🗝️Power BI Data Modeling
• 🗝️DAX: Row Context and Filter Context In-Depth
• Data vs. Lookup Tables In-Depth
• Power BI Relationships In-Depth
• Using a Fiscal Calendar (See Ultimate Calendar)
• DAX: Implicit vs Explicit Measures
• DAX: Create Row Context in Measures Using X Functions (Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)
• DAX: Measures vs Calculated Columns In-Depth
• DAX: When Is It Right to Create a Calculated Column? (Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)
• PowerBI.com: Creating Excel Reports Connected to Power BI (Analyze In Excel In-Depth)
(Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)
• PowerBI.com: Setting up Automated Refresh (Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)
• Power BI Custom Visuals (Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)
• PowerBI.com: Different Ways of Sharing Your Reports (Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)
• PowerBI.com: How to Create a PowerBI.com Account (Coming Soon. Will be added to Playlist)

This Tutorial would take you step-by-step through a LIVE Demo as we
✔️Build a Power BI Model
✔️Create a Beautiful Power BI Report
✔️Publish it and Use it on PowerBI.com

You can follow along using the Download Files (link above).

The Tutorial would introduce you to【 Power BI Desktop 】– the “Authoring Tool” of Power BI. And teach you how to use:
✔️Query Editor
✔️DAX Measures
✔️Creating Beautiful & Interactive Reports
✔️and more…

Then we would continue our journey to the 【 PowerBI.com Platform 】- where you would learn:
✔️Publish a Report
✔️Create New Reports
✔️Create a Single Source of Truth for All Your Reporting
✔️Creating a Dashboard
✔️Sharing a Dashboard
✔️and more…

You would also understand the Power BI Process

You would learn fundamental Power BI Concepts
✔️Difference Between Creating Models vs. Reports
✔️Implicit vs. Explicit Measures
✔️Measures vs. Calculated Columns
✔️80-20 Rule of Power BI Model Authoring
✔️and more…

⚡Power On!⚡
-Avi Singh

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