[Part-2] Can EVM be Hacked? (3D Animation)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

[Part-2] Can EVM be Hacked? (3D Animation)

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In short, EVMs are made up of total 4 machines. Talking about this balloting unit, this first one is a balloting machine, and this second one is a VVPAT machine. Apart from that, this Control Unit has two more and really essential machines; one is this controller, and the second is this VSDU.

No matter how many tales I keep telling you, the real joy will be when I'll show you how I cast a vote; using this 3D world. And to ensure that you connect well, I will keep sharing real-life experiences.

Voting started at 7 am - and I took my Aadhar card and went to cast my vote along with my friends at the polling booth. The police are responsible for the security and checking here at the entrance of the pooling booth you are looking at. Their job is to ensure that if someone is carrying a tool or any other unnecessary item inside, to tamper with EVM.

As soon as we enter this room, there are three officials appointed by the Election Commission of India on a temporary basis. Most of the time, these three officials are Govt teachers or any other Govt employee by profession. As soon as I get checked outside, this policeman will immediately point me towards this first official.

And the verification of my name on my ID card and the voter list, I was instructed to go to this second polling official. This official noted down the details of my Aadhar Card in this register provided by the Election Commission of India and took my signature in the column in front of the noted details.

Thereafter I went to the next official, and he applied ink on my finger then gave a slip. I was further instructed to go to the presiding officer with that slip. The presiding officer you are seeing is a temporarily appointed individual by the Election Commission of India and is the head of this polling room.

The Presiding Officer saw my inked finger and asked me to show my ID and slip. After checking, he returned the ID to me and put the slip in this box.

Then the Presiding Officer pressed the Ballot Button of this controller machine placed in front of him. Just after pressing this button, this red light turned on in the controller, and because of the same button, this green light of the ballot machine kept in the voting compartment also turned on.

The green light of the ballot machine indicates that the ballot machine is ready for voting and the red light of the controller indicates that the vote is yet to be cast from the ballot unit. So now the presiding officer will indicate to me to go to the balloting compartment to cast my vote with the help of this balloting machine.

This is the display unit in the balloting machine, the serial number of the candidate who has stood in the election, the name of the candidate, and the symbol of his party remains printed. With this, as soon as you press the blue button, this light gets lit, and a long beep sound is heard, and the candidate in front of the button gets a vote. One Ballot Machine contains details of 16 candidates, including NOTA. NOTA means None of the above. If more than 16 candidates are standing in the election, in that case, a maximum of 24 balloting machines can be connected simultaneously in one polling booth, in which there will be a list of 384 candidates.

These 7 men who you can see sitting between the Presiding Officer and the voting compartment are the polling agents. These agents belong to the candidates' parties standing in the election and mainly sit inside the polling room to ensure whether fair voting is taking place without any rigging or not.

Finally, I went to the voting compartment in front of the balloting machine as soon as the presiding officer indicated and pressed this blue button in front of my favourite candidate's name. On pressing the blue button, this light between the candidate's name and the blue button got turned on, and I heard the sound of a long beep; this means that my vote was recorded in this controller machine placed in front of the presiding officer.

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