OnePlus 10 Pro VS iPhone 13 Pro! In-Depth Comparison!

20 May 2022

I compare the new OnePlus 10 Pro 5G against the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max! I look at design, storage, displays, cameras, and the actual image quality in this in-depth video. Which do you prefer?OnePlus 10 Pro at
Amazon: ⁣ 13 Pro Deals ➡
Amazon: ⁣
Chapters ➡0:00 Intro1:13 Design2:20 Cameras2:58 Displays4:13 Storage Capacities4:27 Photo comparison8:23 Video Capabilities8:55 Charging and Battery10:07 SummaryGrab the LOWEST prices on Apple gear! AppleInsider has been around since the 1997 covering anything, and everything Apple. This YouTube channel will give you the best coverage for anything Apple related. New MacBooks? We'll cover them! New iPhones? We got you covered on that as well. Want to get the most out of your new Apple product? We've got videos to help you with that. Make sure to subscribe, comment, and share our videos!For all the breaking Apple tech news you'll ever need, visit ⁣ AppleInsider may earn commission on purchases made through affiliate links.

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