My 96 Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide EVO Parked for 11 Years Now Ready to Ride!.. and My Messy Garage

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
27 Feb 2022

Okay here is the whole story on my 1996 Electra-Glide.
After owning metric bikes my whole life, this was my first HD. I really suck at remembering dates, but I think I bought it in 2003. I bought it from a customer of my repair shop. He was the second owner. The first owner was a Colonel of the Michigan State Police. This bike originally was 2 tone blue and a Peace Officer edition. I rode it about 4 years before the pain I was having made it impossible to ride a motorcycle. I hardly could walk most of the time. So it was parked in my garage at my old house for about 4 more years. Then I bought a new house. I had to move the bike and it was my Harley and ain't no one moving it but me! My new house was only a mile and a half from the old one. So I rode it. I had a hell of a time. Once I crawled onto the bike I could not lift my legs up to the floorboards or put them down when stopping. I had to grab my jeans to help lift each leg. I made it, but it wasn't fun. Also, It was February!
As I moved into the new house, everything was just piled into the shop. Because of everything being scattered, it filled up fast. I had an auto lift unassembled and standing up in the barn. I was pulling in a riding lawn mower when I bumped one of the hoist towers. It teetered and fell over. It could have fallen in any direction but no, you guessed it, landed right on my bike. I got off the mower and locked the barn and walked out disbelieving that just happened.
It was a week later when I convinced myself that I had to deal with it. I used an engine lift and picked the hoist up from the bike. I could tell right away, it did some damage to the bike. The hoist was fine, of course! I had removed all the insurance off the bike a few years earlier. The gas tank was dented. The handle bars were bent. The fairing and inner fairing, windshield, windshield bag, all smashed. The right side saddle bag, smashed. The tour pak, smashed. The front fender, smashed. The right side cover, smashed. The seat, ripped. I was just sick. Once things were put away in the new barn, I put my hoist out there and put the bike on it, covered it up and it sat for a few more years.
After the few years I got the brilliant idea that I could mount a side car and ride the bike that way. Once my feet were up, I'd be good. So I decided to fix the bike and buy a side car. I would change the color to yellow which I have always been partial to after seeing one years before that I just loved. I would buy all new(used) body pieces and have them painted. Then when I got all the pieces back I could just flip all the pieces. HAHahahahaaahhhaaa. That didn't work out so good. Instead of 3 months the painter had my pieces over a year. When I finally got the pieces back and began to tear the bike down, it was need this too, need that too, and on and on. Then I started getting artwork done on some of the pieces. I do have a yellow tour pak for it, I just haven't finished it yet. Also during this time, I bought 2 sidecars. The first one I bought was a Harley side car. I wanted my dog to ride in it but he couldn't get in it. So I bought the California side car you see in the video. I was going to have it painted to match the bike. So this was around 3 more years later, the bike still was not done. I had sold my shop by now as I barely could walk. By lunch each day I had to lay down for the rest of the day. So all my projects were taking forever. The bike had been parked about 10 years. I went in for a back procedure and then awhile later hip replacement. This after going thru shots , shock therapy and all kinds of shit trying to relieve pain. After I began to heal from the hip replacement I had more trouble with my back. After dealing with that I started to think I could ride a motorcycle again. Hell I could walk, hunched over and with a limp but I could pick my feet up. My glide wasn't done and it was spring of 2017 when I went with my sister to get her new car. The Chevy dealer had a 2015 Heritage 103 on the floor with 400 miles. It was piped and had some add ons. So I bought It! I rode it all summer. Then later in the year during winter I started back on my Glide. It was spring of 2018 when I went up to Capitol Harley to get the last couple parts and schedule a visit to service to get the final touches on my glide. While waiting for the parts counter to free up, I started gazing at the new bikes. Then I saw it! My 2018 Heritage Anniversary bike with the 114. I got my parts and went home. I didn't even touch my Glide the rest of the weekend. I watched videos and read reviews and anything I could about the new bike. I couldn't get my mind off it. Monday morning I went in and bought it! They gave me a great trade in on my 2015. And the Glide has been parked ever since. 11 years now, Parked! This coming year, It will be on the road again!
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