Moat || Tuaha Ibn Jalil whatapp Status #shorts #trending

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
26 Feb 2022

Moat ko yaad karo ..موت کو یاد کرو

Tuaha Ibn Jalil is a member of Youth Club and generally gives islamic lectures. His Bayans are very emotional and heart touching.

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Assalam Aliukum Warahmatullah This platform is create for the purpose to calling the people towards the deen of Allah Almighty. Jazak Allah Khair tuaha ibn jalil,halal,tutorial,full bayan,short clip,youth club,emotional lecture,short clips,haram,bayan,allah love me,hazrat,porn addiction,emotional bayan,whatsapp status,pakistan,addiction,youthclub,relationship,full lecture,quit,byan,youth,music,touba,allah,tawba,molana,masjid,islamic,reminder,engineer,repentance,****,love of allah,love for allah,best,love,porn,true,toba,video,bikes,world,islam,drugs,repent,recipe,lecture,istighfar raja zia ul haq,raja zia ul haq lectures,raja zia ul haq life story,raja zia ul haq black magic,raja zia ul haq short clips,raja zia ul haq whatsapp status,youthclub
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