Light Susex Heritage Freeee Chicks & Hens

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
29 Jan 2022

Asalam o Alikum,
Whatsapp link:
We are providing pure breeds Breeders, chicks and
eggs in Multan city and cargo all over Pakistan
We have pure heritage light Sussex breed,
Austrlorp Kashmir Breed, RIR breeders, Chicks, and Eggs.
Pure Australorp Kashmir Breed Available for sale/age 5.5 Months/Eggs start Vaccine completed(Merck)
Hatchery Services is available.
Whatsapp link:
Contact number: +92 3028888491
Multan Pakistan.
Australorp chickens in Pakistan
Light Sussex Breeder, Eggs, and Chicks.
Australorp Breeder, Eggs, and Chicks.
RIR Breeder, Eggs, and Chicks.
How Poultry Farm Make Million Eggs and Meat
Poultry Business in Pakistan | Light Susex Farming In Pakistan | Australorp Hen Farming In Pakistan
day 1 to day 40 poultry grow details..|| Niranjan poultry farm || first day chicks full details.
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90 Australorp Hen Farm At Home||Australorp Chickens business at home||Poultry Farming At Home
ھر کی چھت پر شیڈ کیسا ہو Small Poultry Shed Design
Visiting Pakistan's Largest Poultry Farm
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