Lesco Electricity Wapda bill | What is fuel Price Adjustment in Lesco bill Bijli ka Bill zyada kun?

05 Jan 2022

Lesco Elecrtricity Bill High | What is fuel Price Adjustment in Lesco bill |Bijli ka Bill zyada kun? Lahore electricity bill High Rates reason behind Wapda bill بجلی کا بل زیادہ کیوں ہے فیول پرائس ایڈجسٹمنٹ کیا ہے بجلی کے بل میں
Pakistan Electricity bill explained│what is FPA in electricity bill│Fuel price adjustment
akistan Electricity bill explained │ what is FPA in electricity bill │ Fuel price adjustment
There are so many questions raised in our minds like what is fuel price adjustment in electricity bill what is fpa in electricity bill or what is neelum jhelum surcharge (nj surcharge).
So here is the detailed video is about Pakistan electricity bill explanation which is actually about power sector in Pakistan.

In this video I discuss so many things in electricity bill in Pakistan
like FPA (fuel price adjustment) electricity bill taxes like general sales tax (gst) electricity duty tax (ED) and also about transmission and distribution.

There are so many types of power generation (by electric generator) and power plants or power houses like hydroelectric power plant thermal power plant renewable energy power plant and after that many electrical distributors (power distribution)
in Pakistan like Iesco Lesco fesco pesco qesco and K electric etc
and these all are under the ministry of water and power and Wapda (water and power development authority).
And these companies are distribute bills and collect cost of electricity in the form of Wapda bill which actually means lesco bill iesco electricity bill wapda electricity bill etc.

Nowadays there are many kinds of energies used for electricity generation in world but the only best and cheap energy is green energy like wind energy solar energy (extracted from solar panels)
and some other natural resources like hydel energy which come out from any dam or any run of river plant like neelum jhelum power project in Pakistan and in Pakistan there are five major power producers which are
WAPDA hydel WAPDA thermal (pepco) PAEC (Pakistan atomic energy commission) K Electric and Ipps (Independent power producers).

So in this electricity bill information video I briefly discuss about fpa tax in electricity bill Pakistan neelum jhelum power hydro power project (neelum jhelum power plant) neelum jhelum surcharge on electricity bills and electricity bill calculation in Pakistan.

Queries solved in this video :
what is fpa in bill
what is fpa in lesco bill
what is fpa in fesco bill
what is fpa in mepco bill
what is fpa in wapda bill
how to calculate electricity bill in Pakistan
what is fuel price adjustment formula in Pakistan

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