Laird's Apple Brandy Single Cask Collection review (guest starring Thomas H. Handy 2010)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
17 Feb 2022

This is one where I wasn't expecting much: an American apple brandy from Jersey/Virginia-based producers Laird's (makers of a not-especially-nice Applejack), sitting on the Binny's closeout shelf and bought on a whim. This particular bottle is from Barrel 14E01#6, aged 54 months and bottled 11/26/18 (156 total bottles) at a strength of 65.3% ABV. And it completely stole my heart (88/100).

I contextualize all this with a little discussion of classic American spirits, new oak, My Bloody Valentine's Loveless (here's a track for reference, listen loud:, and a half-empty bottle of Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye (2010 edition, 6 years old, 63.45% ABV; 90/100 although no full review) left over and lost from a tasting I hosted a decade ago. Point being, maybe drop the FOMO, stop camping out on release day and/or forking out $300 on the secondary market, and instead start exploring the closeout shelves.

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