Khabarhar With Aftab Iqbal ¦ Behind The Scene | Muhammad Shamy

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
26 Mar 2022

I with all of class fellows from UCP, went to Aftab Iqbal's show Khabarhar. It was an amazing day out with all of my freinds. We enjoyed alot at Khabarhar studio. We have had alot fun time at Aftab Iqbal's farm house, Zafar Iqbal Villas what an amazing place to be at. The studio of Khabarhar is full of creativity. The people who were arround was technically asthetic.Rest of the detailed enjoyement at Khabarhar is in the video. Watch and Subscribe.

Group Members:
Shahmeer Mahdi
Anza Shabbir
Sultan Ch
Anus Zamir
Farah Sadiq

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