Keynote: How big is this wave? (w/ Martin Casado and Tristan Handy)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
17 Feb 2022

The modern data stack is the third generation of data analysis products to come to prominence since the 90's. The prior waves—data warehouse appliances and then Hadoop—were both big steps forwards but ultimately failed to live up to their initial promise.

Is the modern data stack just another iteration in a long string of “trendy technologies” in data––waves that crash upon the shore but ultimately recede? Or is it somehow more permanent?

The answer to this question drives how we think about the future—how much we invest in skill acquisition and our own career paths, how companies think about investing in both technology investments (easy) and organizational change (much harder).

In this talk, Tristan Handy and Martin Casado make the case that the arrival of the modern data stack is “the end of the beginning” for data analysis and asks what that means for all of us in the industry.

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00:00 Intro
03:12 What's software-defined networking?
04:27 How did you get involved?
13:47 Talk about your product being used inside of Google data centers
19:29 Do you have any hypothesis?
24:52 Is there this big difference between analysts and ML folks and what's going on?
26:28 Do you think that's a way to resolve this complexity?
34:07 How we educate users on what that means?

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