Is Delta the Best US Airline? My Flight on Delta B767-400 & B757

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
23 Feb 2022

I recently flew on a Delta B767-400 from Las Vegas to Atlanta. The Delta B767-400 has a refurbished cabin with the Delta One Suite, Premium Select and Comfort + fitted. Before take-off, the cabin was thoroughly cleaned. The Delta pilot gave a briefing about this unique aircraft type; the B767-400 is a stretched B767 with some B777 components and similarity in the cockpit.

I discovered the latest service offerings onboard Delta Airlines. They're currently only serving box snacks with limited beverage options (water, beer and wine).

During my transit in Atlanta, I discovered the current offering at Delta Sky Club. My next Delta flight was on a B757-200 from Atlanta to Orlando. An incident happened on the jet-bridge during the boarding. An elderly lady was feeling unwell on the jet-bridge and the cabin crew at the door were first to assist, before the paramedics could arrive. The crew did a great job to recover the situation, which could have gone wrong very quickly without a fast and correct response.

It is not an everyday situation, but I happened to catch the crew's reaction to the incident. Well done to the crew on handling such situations calmly and professionally. My flight to Orlando was eventless but it is good to see Delta keep their older planes up-to-date.

L1011 video:
B767-400 external footage:

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