How TRANSGENDERS are born? | किन्नर कैसे पैदा होते हैं? (3D Animation)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

Look, this is a ladies egg - which only contains the X chromosome and fuses with this egg from the gents sperm cell which can have the X chromosome and also the Y chromosome. If this X is fused - then a girl will be born when X and X meet, and if this Y sperm cell fuses, then X and Y will give birth to a boy. But in rare cases it also happens that when a girl is about to be born due to the XX chromosome, only then this part of the Y chromosome of the male gets attached to the X one. So now the child that will be born will not develop the genital organs properly or else the female will develop in the male and the male reproductive organs will develop in the female and this child is called a Transgender. Every year 1.7% of children in the world are born transgender.
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