How to Use HatchPro 39 , 64 and 128 Eggs Automatic Egg incubator Controller

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
16 Jan 2022

Hatchpro Incubators are one of the best in market . This video is about how to use Hatchpro 39 egg incubator controller . This controller is same on hatchpro another models like hatchpro 64 eggs rolling tray egg incubator and 128 small egg incubator . These incubators can hatch eggs like chicken , quail , goose , etc.

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Hatchpro incubator controllers features:-

1. Hatchpro Controllers are totally digital with beautiful design
2. Automatic Temperature and Automatic Egg Turning Function
3. Display no of Hatching Days
4. Automatic Humidity Control (Optional)
5. Temperature and Humidity Alarm
6. Temperature and Humidity Sensor error Alarm

Topics Covers in Video

0.39 Different Elements of Hatchpro Egg Incubator Digital Display

1.16 Different types of buttons in incubator like set, + , - , Mode , Light Button

1.25 How to on Egg Candling light with help of Light Button

1.50 How to change the Temperature and Humidity in Hatchpro Egg incubator

2.24 How to Change the mode in Hatchpro Egg incubator with help of Mode button .
There are 6 types of modes in incubator
2. Duck
3. Goose
4. Dove
6.Custom Mode

4.25 How to use the mode button to change the custom settings like change of egg turning interval time, egg turning time , hatching day etc

7.30 How to reset the Settings of HatchPro Small Egg Incubator to Factory Settings

8.15 How to manual turn the egg tray motor.

9.25 How to stop the alarm in Hatchpro Automatic Egg Incubator.

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