How Smoking Kills? (3D Animation)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

Want to know how Smoking Kills? This 3D Animated Video is for you.

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In this video, you'll learn How do cigarettes affect the body?

Specifically, here's what you'll learn in this video:

These 4000+ harmful chemicals you inhaled - they also came from the windpipe into the bronchi - from the bronchioles to the bronchioles - from the bronchioles to the alveoli - and from here all the problems started.

Carbon monoxide and nicotine are the most dangerous of these 4000+ harmful chemicals and gases. Usually - this oxygen gets bound to the haemoglobin and goes along with the bloodstream to the whole body.

But this carbon monoxide is a very harmful gas - it will kick oxygen out and bind itself to haemoglobin.

Similarly, this nicotine will also enter this bloodstream and this time carbon monoxide and nicotine will travel from your lungs to your hands, feet and your brain, not oxygen.

This is one of the main reasons why continuous cigarette smoking causes breathing problems.

But still, the most important question is - what was it in this whole process of smoking cigarettes that makes smoking highly addictive?

See, within 7 to 10 seconds of drinking the cigarette, this nicotine reaches your brain via the bloodstream.

Although this is just an overview, there's more than you'll learn from this video.

What how Smoker's lungs versus healthy lungs look like? What happens after quitting smoking? Why do you start smoking, Health effects of Smoking, benefits of smoking a cigarette etc.

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