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Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
18 Feb 2022

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Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your items during transport.

Whether you are sending something across the country or internationally, it is important to have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected.

Here we will discuss some of the basics of shipping insurance and what types of protection are available.

We will also outline how to file a claim if something goes wrong during transit.

So, whether you are a business owner who ships frequently or just an individual looking to ship a few items, read on for all you need to know about shipping insurance!

What is shipping insurance?

Shipping insurance is used to protect goods that are being shipped.

It can be purchased by either the sender or receiver of an item, depending on who needs protection the most.

If you are sending something valuable, there is a chance it could get damaged in transit.

Also, if you are responsible for receiving an item, even if it has little to no monetary value, you should consider insuring it if the other party does not already have insurance.

What Does Shipping Insurance Cover?

Shipping insurance does not just protect against theft and damage during transit; it also includes protection for loss or delays in transit.

This can be helpful when you're dealing with time-sensitive items.

Who Can Purchase Shipping Insurance?

Shipping insurance can only be purchased by the receiver or sender of an item.

If you are sending something, the cost of insurance is included in the shipping price.

You will need to pay your shipper directly for any protection that you would like to have on your shipment.

If you are receiving an item, you will need to pay the sender for insurance.

However, if your shipment is very valuable or time-sensitive, it is worth looking into what options are available to protect your item before you agree to accept the delivery.

What do I Need to File a Shipping Insurance Claim?

To file a claim with your shipping carrier, you should ask for a proof of loss.

How Shipping Insurance Works - Should I Buy Shipping Insurance Ebay Amazon Fba

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02:00 - The First Step
03:00 - To File A Claim
04:00 - If I Purchase Shipping Insurance

This should include the insured value, carrier, and date of shipment.

In addition, if possible, you should have a tracking number for your package to help you locate your claim in their system.

How do I cancel shipping insurance?

You will need to contact the sender or receiver depending on who already has the coverage.

Most carriers will not allow for the cancellation of insurance after it is already in place.

How much does shipping insurance cost?

The price of shipping insurance depends on who you purchase it from and what type of coverage you want to have at the time your item is shipped.

Generally, if you are purchasing shipping insurance as a receiver, the cost is included in the price of your shipment.

If you are purchasing shipping insurance before your package has even left the sender, it will usually cost about one to two percent of the insured value.

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