How HAILSTONES are formed? (3D Animation) #Shorts

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

We all have seen hail storming at least once in our life.
But do they get formed?
Is there any freezer installed in the clouds? Let's understand its science using 3D Animation. The entire role is of this cloud, and only three conditions are required for the formation of hails.
1. The upper portion of the could should be above the freezing surface.
2. The could should contain a lot of water.
3. This cloud should be a thunderstorm cloud.
Because a large portion of this could is above the freezing surface, this water droplet present in it will freeze and take the form of a tiny hail and fall downward because of gravity.
When this small hail will come in contact with water, some water droplets will stick to it, and the fast upward blowing winds in thunderstorm cloud will again carry this hail above the freezing surface.
And the droplets which stuck to it, will again freeze down and fall downward because of gravity.
This repetitive cycle will lead to the formation of a big hail, which will ultimately fall on the earth under gravitational force.
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