How Do Trains Change Tracks? (3D Animation)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

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In today's video, we'll learn How do Trains Change Tracks? with the help of 3D Animation. We'll start this video from the very basic and start considering that you only know these three things regarding the train tracks. Apart from this, while traveling on the train, you remain highly excited to learn How exactly do trains change tracks?

You very well know that this is a Train Engine. And the system on which Train Engine is based, is called, Bogie. There is a total of 6 wheels attached to the Bogie. Nothing is more important than this Railway Train Wheel in this complete video. If you happen to understand the wheel's design, you will very easily be able to understand how trains change tracks? This part of the Train Wheel, which is a bit larger than the rest of the body and is located on the inner side of the track, is called FLANGE. And, the shape of the Train Wheel is called Outward Conical Shape. That is, in the direction of going away from the track, you'll notice the wheel getting smaller. Now, the role of the Flange is to help in Track Change. And, the role of the Outward conical shape is to prevent Trains from slipping off the tracks. Let's see, How?

This steering wheel inside the Train Engine, in front of the loco pilot, confuses almost all folks. People believe this Steering Wheel is responsible for Train Track Change. But that's completely untrue. This steering is an accelerator and is used to increase the speed of the Train. Now focus well, by circulating the steering wheel, you provided a moment to the Train - because of this, these wheels will keep moving forward.

Now, these wheels have reached the location where they're supposed to change the Tracks. Now forget about these wheels for a moment and focus here. This system where Trains happen to change the tracks is called the Point. This machine beside the Point is called the Point Machine. This point machine is responsible for the moment of these closure rails. If Train is supposed to go right, then this Point Machine will push the closure rails. Following this, the beginning portion of these closure rails, which is called Point Blades, will fit inside the Tracks on the left side and will stay away from the tracks on the right side. Hope you still remember, I explained, the role of the flange is to grip the wheels with tracks from inside.

Now, as soon as the Tracks reached the point, see how, with the help of flange, wheels kept going in the right direction. Because this flange is on the inner side of the wheels, this left wheel specifically is moving like this. But if the train is supposed to keep moving on the tracks, on which it already is moving, then Point Machine will pull the closure rails towards themselves. Because of this, these Point Blades will fit inside the tracks on the right side and will move away from the tracks on the left side.

Topics that I've mainly discussed, in this video, are Cabins, Point Machines, Rail Tracks, Flagman, Rail Track Laying Machine, Track Welding, Cost of Laying Tracks, and Electrification. Type of Rail Engines and Sleepers, Track Ballast and Fastening of Tracks, Fishplate, TPWS, Fouling Mark, FM and Loop Line in Railway Tracks, Guard Rails, Check Rails, Indian Railways Switches and Crossing System, Railroad Crossing, and Much more.

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