How Bulletproof Jacket Works? (3D Animation) #Shorts

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

Upon firing, this bullet came out of the gun at a speed of 260 meters/second, at an extremely high temperature. If I remove the outer covering of the bulletproof jacket, then there are these 4 layers inside it; the first one is -

1. Ceramic Layer
2. then the Aramid Fiber Layer
3. next is the Vertex layer
4. and lastly, this Poly-ethylene layer

First of all, the bullet will hit these ceramic discs of this Ceramic Layer, due to which the speed of the bullet will decrease, and this streamlined shape of the bullet will get deformed something like this. After the deformation, the bullet will hit this Aramid Fiber Layer. This tightly weaved fiber layer is even stronger than steel. On coming in contact with the bullet, it will stretch backward in this manner; to absorb the kinetic energy of this bullet and distribute it over the entire surface. After ripping off this layer, the bullet will hit the Vertex layer. Vertex layer is nothing but an upgraded version of this Aramid fiber layer, which is even more tightly weaved. Continuing the journey, when this high-temperature bullet comes in contact with this poly-ethylene layer with tight chemical bonds, the contacted part of this poly-ethylene will melt down and hold the bullet like this. It's so simple to understand any topic with the help of 3D Animation, Right? So what are you waiting for? Just hit that subscribe button now.
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