How a Gun Silencer Works? (3D Animation)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

How a Gun Silencer/Suppressor Works? (3D Animation) - 3D Animation is expensive, support my 3D work by joining this channel & get access to cool perks:

When you press the trigger, there is a lot of action inside the gun and at last this Propellant Blasts inside this cartridge. A small side notes: If you want to understand the actions between these or to know how the gun works, watch this video called "How a Gun Works" already uploaded on this Professor of How YouTube Channel. Well, as soon as this Propellant is blasted, very high-pressure gases are produced here which pushes this bullet forward by 1000 feet/second.

Hopefully, you can clearly see how these gases are pushing this bullet forward. But the thing to notice is that as long as these gases are inside this barrel, the pressure of these gases is very high due to the lack of space and as soon as they leave this barrel these gases will come into the open environment. The pressure of these gases will decrease due to having a lot of space.

And once the firing is done, because the gases that were pushing the bullet went inside the Silencer instead of leaving the barrel and going into the open atmosphere. These Baffles are fitted in Silencer. Baffles are made so that these gases stay inside the silencer for maximum time and then slowly move out. Let's see how? This part of the silencer in which the gases enter at the starting point is called the expansion chamber. As soon as you come here, the gases will expand a bit, they will continue to walk in these baffles and lose the pressure. And in the last, this outlet of the silencer will come out of silence.

Almost all of us have confusion that some people call it Silencer and some people speak suppressor, but which of these two is the correct word? To understand this, we have to go back 150 years. This is Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim and this is his son Sir Hiram Percy Maxim. The technology of guns runs in the blood of this duo. For complete details of How a Suppressor Works video, please watch the complete video in detail and show some support.

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