How an AK47 Works? (3D Animation 60fps)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

How an AK47 Works? (3D Animation 60fps): With the help of 3D Animation, why not understand the science behind the world's most popular assault rifle i.e. How an AK47 Works?

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What you'll generally observe in movies & games is that - character picked up the AK47 and fired directly by pressing the Trigger.

But in real life, you're supposed to take a total of three actions before pulling the trigger.

First Action: This part of the AK47 is called a magazine and has a maximum capacity of 30 cartridges. Check if it has got any rounds or are you just holding the rifle for showoff & photoshoot?

Second Action: Before pressing the trigger you'll pull back the charging handle. That way, when approaching its initial position with the help of a recoil spring, it will load a cartridge from a magazine into the barrel.

Third Action: You decide in which mode you're going to use AK47? If you put this Safety Lever on the top position like this - then now AK47 is on safe mode. That is, your charging handle will not be able to load the cartridge when pulled back. Thus, no firing. Therefore this safety lever has to be removed from safe mode so that firing can take place.

Finally, now is the time to press the trigger. But before that, you should know, this part of AK47 is called Hammer and this part is called Disconnector. Because of this Main Spring, as of now, the hammer is trying its level best to strike the firing pin. But, being stuck in a trigger, unable to do so.

Now as soon as you press the trigger for firing, Hammer will be set free and strike with a firing pin. Since the firing pin is pushed, it will further push the back portion of the cartridge and indent it. As a result of which, due to high pressure inside the primer, the propellant will catch fire. The fire will result in high-pressure gases which will push the bullet at a speed of 2500 feet per second.

White proceeding, because of the design of AK47, at this point gases have a greater chance to expand. Thus, a fewer portion of these high-pressure gases would rise and push back the gas piston. An important point to note is that the gas piston is already attached to the bolt carrier. Following this, because of high-pressure gases, not only gas piston but also bolt carrier is being pushed backwards.

Due to this bolt carrier moving backwards, a total of three highly important actions automatically takes place, on which depends the entire working mechanism of AK47. And since the most important part of this entire video is going to start - so to understand those three actions well, we will understand each one in different sections.

After firing, the bullet will move forward, but this remaining part of the cartridge, which is no longer of our users, which is called the case, will come back due to being stuck in this bolt. On its way back, it will hit this ejector and go out.

As far as the mechanism of AK47 we have seen - it was for semi-automatic mode - that means once you press the trigger, a bullet will fire. But for your information, let me tell you that ak47 also has automatic firing mode. That is, once you press the trigger, all the bullets in the magazine will be fired. So to put the AK47 on fully automatic firing mode - just have to centre this safety lever. As soon as you put this safety lever in the centre - then this safety lever blocked the disconnector - now understand step by step, what will happen next.

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