Hidden PETROL PUMP FRAUDS I bet you didn't know ?

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

Are you willing to learn about the Hidden petrol pump frauds with the help of 3D Animation?

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If the talk of the fuel storage tank is going on here, then let me also explain to you another type of petrol pump fraud. There is no doubt that this fuel storage tank can be completely adulterated by using substances like water, Naphtha and White Kerosene. But the good news is that you have the right to approach the petrol pump manager and get the filter paper test and density test done. Filter-Paper test is nothing but a way to check the purity of fuel. In this test, a few drops of petrol are put on the filter paper. If there is adulteration in petrol - then it creates such a stain on the petrol filter paper - and if it is not then the petrol evaporates without leaving any stain on the filter paper. In the density test again, the density of petrol is checked with a thermometer and hydrometer. The density of pure petrol varies from 710 kg/m3 to 770 kg/m3. When you get petrol refilled - the density is written here in the display section of the dispenser machine - sometimes to note. Related to the concept of fuel storage tank adulteration, you should also know that this is ATG - ie Automatic Tank Gauge - it is a metal stick on which these two Probes & Floats are made. Their job is to measure the oil and water level in the storage tank. Now you must be thinking that what is the use of water in the fuel tank? So let me tell you that if the cap of this discharge pipe is loose in the storage tank at the time of rain - then water can come into the storage tank. Or there is also a possibility that water has been mixed while supplying fuel. You are seeing this ATG in the storage tank - Gauge Stick was used earlier instead of this ATG for measurements. Only manually measurement could be done with a gauge stick. When the Gauge stick was in use, at that time the government did not know whether there is only pure petrol in the storage tank of this particular petrol pump or some kind of adulteration. But now the petrol pump owner cannot adulterate because - this ATG keeps updating the fuel and water level data in this storage tank on the petroleum company's server.

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