Hate LIVE! Podcast Ep. 14: August 7, 2014 - Gamestop/Twitch Changes, EVO 2K6 Stories and Callers

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
27 Feb 2022

This was an extra-long edition of Hate LIVE! that I hope you enjoy!

Segments in this episode:
3:00 Review of what I've been up to footage-wise
15:22 What's coming up in the next week video-wise
20:00 Nintendo 3DS capture setup on order
23:14 Issues with health insurance since I moved: I'm uninsured thanks to new website BS
31:53 Game release date changes
36:53 Gamestops's changes to trade-ins and the WEIRD rumors surrounding it
43:29 Two HUGE changes to Twitch.tv this week
1:08:18 Back in the Day: my Evolution 2006 stories
1:49:33 Live callers w/technical difficulties! Don't worry, I get it to work eventually

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