First seven days chicks care | How to care Day old Chicks

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
03 Mar 2022

How to Rescue chicks From Eggs

Apple cider Vinegar For chicks

Frequently asked 5 questions from the farmer.

1- How many hours should the chicks be kept in the incubator ?
The chicks should be kept in an incubator for 40 hours.

2- Why flushing is important?
Flushing is necessary to prevent many diseases of the chicks.

3- When should the chicks be given the first feed?
The first feed of chicks should be given after flushing.

4- Which vaccines and medicines should be given to the chicks in the first 7 days?
Anti biotics & multivitamins should be given.

5- Why brooding of chicks is important ?
Chicks brooding is essential to maintain their body temperature maintenance .

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