Dassault Rafale: Overrated OR Gamechanger? An Overview (3D Animation 60fps)

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
21 May 2022

Dassault Rafale: Overrated OR Gamechanger? An Overview (3D Animation 60fps)

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In this video, with the help of 3D Animation, we will learn about specifics of Rafale Fighter Jet. We'll study the mechanical aspects of Dassault Rafale and will Technically Analyse each and every important part of Rafale. All this we'll do just to learn "Why Rafale is So Special?"

We'll start from the very basics. Actually there are three different variants of this multi-role fighter aircraft i.e. Rafale B, Rafale C and Rafale M. This third variant i.e. Rafale M is for French Navy and since India has not purchased it, so we won't talk about that in this video. What we should keep in mind is that one main difference between Rafale B and Rafale C i.e. Rafale B is a trainer variant, while Rafale C is a fighter variant.

India has purchased a total of 36 Rafale Aircrafts from a company based in France called Dassault Aviation. Out of which 6 are Twin Seater training ones i.e. Rafale B aircraft and the remaining 30 are Rafale C aircraft. Now before we do a scientific analysis of each part of Rafale, listen to a small and interesting anecdote (inside the video) of this Rafale B Aircraft i.e. this Training Variant.

Now let's talk about Rafale's Mechanical and Technical Analysis. So keep in mind that from this tip to this tail, the length of Rafale is - 15.30 meters. And from here to here, Rafale has a Wingspan - 10.90 Meters. Apart from this, from land to the top of the tail, Rafale's height is - 5.30 meters. These are the wings of this Jet Fighter, the area they have covered is 45.7 square meters. Now whenever a Dog Fight takes place, what matters the most is - which fighter jet can carry how much weight. To understand how much weight Rafale can carry, let's first take a look at its external loads (a very good cinematic look inside the video).

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