Big Historical Mistakes in BHUJ Movie | What is Truth ?

03 Dec 2021

Recently, the trailer of Indian actor Ajay Devgn's film Bhuj has been released.The story of the film revolves around the loyalty of a patriotic pilot.His name is Vijay Kumar Karnik.
If you guess us on the story of the movie.So there are mistakes in the BHUJ movie.There are some technical errors in editing Of BHUJ movie.While many mistakes are made in misrepresenting history.
Mistakes in BHUJ movie are historical point of view.BHUJ film shows a fictional story in the name of history.Real story of Bhuj movie is totaly different.In this video, the trailer of the movie Bhuj has been reviewed.
We hope you enjoy the video.

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Bhojpuri Injection
Bhojpuri Injection 7 months ago

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