Air Battery Technology || How Air Battery Stores Huge Amount Of Electricity

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Tech Guru
02 Feb 2022

Air Battery Technology || How Air Battery Stores Huge Amount Of Electricity
Air battery technology is a technology that can store a large amount of electricity, this battery cannot be used in a small space like a lithium-ion battery.
The biggest problem with renewable energy is that it cannot operate on base load like thermal power plants, so many solar and wind power plants sometimes have extra electricity left So by storing that electricity in a battery, it can be used at the time when the load is at peak and air battery is very best to store electricity within megawatt.
Air battery works like pump storage power plant and we can use pump storage power plant as a battery
This video talks about the types of air batteries and the complete technology of how air batteries work.

topic covered in this video

air battery technology
how air battery stores energy
air battery working
pump storage power plant as a battery
pump storage power plant working


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