Add More Counter Space With This DIY Stove Top Cover

Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
23 Feb 2022

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Here is what you'll need!

Stove Top Counter Space

Measuring tape
Wood slabs (¾ inch slabs were used for this project, but any will work.)
Wood glue
Drill bits
Dresser handles

Measure the width (A) and length (B) of your stove top. If you have a gas range, then measure the height (C) of the space where the range pops up.
Measure and cut 1 (A), 2 (B), and 2 (C) wood slabs. Sand and stain the wood and let it dry.
Take (C) and attach it onto (B). The length of the wood is the same, but depending on the gas range’s height, (C) should be shorter. The final wood slats will fit on (C).
Attach the handles on the outer side of (B).
Lay out (A) and (B,C) to the shape of your stove top and attach (A) onto the 2 pieces.
Measure the distance between the (B)s.
Glue or attach desired slabs (wood, marble, slate, etc) so it sits on top of (C).
Slide the countertop so the open side faces the wall.
Enjoy your new counter space!

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