⭐[4K] Zelda Ocarina of Time Next Gen: Kakariko Village - Unreal Engine 5

14 Dec 2021

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I hope this concept will inspire you! 🙏
As a fan who grew up with the legendary Zelda Ocarina of Time, I always wanted to see what the environments could look like with today's technologies such as 4K resolution and DLSS but also the new features of Unreal Engine 5 like the real time global illumination Lumen and the powerful Nanite allowing me to work with film quality assets. The first episode of this series is dedicated to Kakariko village where I wanted to recreate and show my vision of the village with a next gen look and feel.

The aim of this series is to present different environments that I would like to create as part of my learning process in order to become a better artist. In order to make it more immersive, I'm also learning a bit to code to have a playable character and show you another perspective.

🎵Mosik composed 2 different versions of Kakariko village theme, you can listen to them on her channel:
👍Windmill model created by the one and only MarvelMaster
👍Hylian Shield and Master Sword created by Skilar!
👍Quixel assets:


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