16 Mar 2022

Painting and drawing are easily Slick Slime Sam's and Sue's favorite hobby in the whole wide world! Sam is drawing like a genius and secretly compares himself to Leonardo Da Vinci. Sue loves drawing too but fluid painting with acrylic paint is her jam! In this useful video compilation jelly Sam and his pet human Sue got together their three favorite artsy episodes for you! You will learn how to make your very own scratch off board to draw amazing rainbow pictures, how to make an acrylic masterpiece using dirty pour painting technique and how to make puffy paint that looks like you are painting with slime! Watch them all and vote which episode you liked the best by leaving a comment below.

0:10 - DIY Scratch Off Rainbow MAGIC Paper! (Easy Mode Grattage Technique)
This episode starts off with Slime Sam finishing his masterpiece. Of course with mess being a part of his creative process. Pencils, pastels, pens, crayons, sketches... Sue finds herself a little irritated by everything that's going on, especially when Sam is displeased with her critics and asks her to leave. She agrees but tries to clean up and completely destroys Sam's oil pastels drawing by spilling black acrylic paint all over it! Sam is infuriated and utterly upset despite Sue trying to make up with him. Fast and surely Sam is getting into an eternal creative crisis and it seems like nothing can help!
Sue tries to find a way to get Sam's inspiration back and comes up with a brilliant DIY idea! Sam is alarmed when she picks up the black paint and starts covering the rest of the picture with the paint but of course, Sue has a plan! She lets the paint to dry for an hour and then surprises Sam with an amazing painting technique that's called "grattage". She creates an amazing drawing of a rainbow turtle in a sea by scraping the paint off the canvas! That creates an interesting and really unexpected surface that will make any drawing magical and absolutely stunning! You can try playing with different basic colors and patterns and make every drawing unique. Frame your canvas or already made picture and show off your scratch-off art!

It's no secret that Slime Sam loves candies, to say the least. When he eats candy he feels with happiness and joy. But turns out this happiness makes him a little heavier than usual... Sue is trying to explain to him that he doesn't need sweets to be happy and takes all the snacks away. But then sneaky Slime steals all of her brushes and offers a fair exchange of candies for brushes. No, it's not blackmailing, ok???
Sue offers the sweet-tooth Slime a bet. She'll return some of his candies if he makes a lifestyle change today and makes an effort to be healthier. And he'll have to return her brushes if she can create a painting without them. Challenge accepted, the winner takes it all!
Sam begins with his diet and for the first time in his life tries eating vegetables. It's not as easy as it seems, they are so... green. When that doesn't go so well he moves on to exercising. But we already know how that turns out, don't we?
At the same time, Sue is trying to come up with a painting idea that wouldn't require brushes. When finger painting doesn't give her the desired masterpiece she remembers about dirty pour technique and gets right to it! She mixes acrylic paints creating fun colorful patterns, pours them onto the round canvas and spins the canvas creating a fantastic space-like effect. You won't believe how catching this art is, try it for yourself!

The most talented and artistic Slime in the Universe is waiting for a mysterious phone call. He is waiting and waiting... and waiting... But nothing happens. What's he waiting for?
Well, Slime Sam is sooo good at artsy stuff that he decided to host and teach an art class! But unfortunately, nobody called him willing to take up the drawing and painting from the master. Sue helps him to figure this out. He just can't advertise himself and stand out from the crowd! He needs a thing, something that will make everybody notice him and his ad and call! Sue suggests making colorful puffy paint and makes it a feature of Sam's lessons.
Slime Sam is looking for a girlfriend!
Find out how YouTube works from Slime Sam's perspective!

THE BEST PAINTING AND DRAWING IDES FOR BEGINNERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq1krjx7gSg&list=PLYsskVzwBG4q7Bc5QJnLG1sCoiN1AgOfo

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