100Spicy??️Panipuri Challenge in just 5 mins|Panipuri Eating/Golgappa Eating/Phuchka/ Gupchup Eating

25 May 2022

Hello our beautiful foodie family, we the Bengali Foodie Sisters Poulami and Priyanka welcome you guys to yet another Eating Challenge video on our channel. In this video me and my sister are going to do food challenge with Different Type of Bharta Eating show and whoever loses will have to perform a task as punishment. If you enjoyed watching this video don't forget to like and do let us know your thoughts by commenting down below and hits the bell icon. we will be bringing more food eating challenges in our upcoming videos, so don't forget to subscribe to our channel.
Bengali Foodie Sisters is a YouTube Channel run by two young independent Bong girls Poulami Roy and Priyanka Roy. This channel is for all the food lovers out there. subscribe to this channel for various food eating challenges.
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