रितिक ने अपने पापा को गजब तरीका से बचाया || कृष फिल्म का Climax Last सीन | Krrish Movie Action Scene

26 May 2022

Five-year-old orphan Krishna Mehra is undergoing an intelligence quotient test by his professors, who suspect he has high IQ and physical abilities. His grandmother Sonia (Rekha) takes the young Krishna to a remote mountain village in northern India to conceal his unique abilities. Years later, Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) meets Priya (Priyanka Chopra) when she vacations in the country. Krishna and Priya grow close just before she departs for her home in Singapore.

To appease her boss, Priya calls Krishna to join her in Singapore, where she tries to get him to perform heroic acts. Krishna does not, as he had promised his grandmother that he would hide his abilities. Krishna learns that his father Rohit was hired to help design a machine to see the future by Dr. Siddhant Arya (Naseeruddin Shah). He further learned that Rohit had been killed by Dr. Siddhant when he tried to destroy the machine, after learning of Siddhant's evil intentions. This caused his mother, Nisha (Preity Zinta), to die of a broken heart.

Krishna later goes to a circus where an explosion occurs. He puts on a mask to hide his identity in order to save some trapped children, after which he is given the identity of superhero Krrish. Vikram Sinha (Sharat Saxena), who has been searching for Krishna for years, informs Krishna that his father Rohit is alive and Dr. Siddhant has been holding him captive. Krishna follows Siddhant to his island lair, where a huge fight ensues between Krrish and the doctor's thugs. Krrish eventually defeats them and saves Priya and Rohit. In the final scene, Krrish mortally wounds Siddhant. Before he dies, Siddhant asks Krrish who he is, and Krishna reveals himself. After revealing to Rohit that he is his son, Krishna takes Priya and Rohit back to India, reuniting him with Sonia. Rohit finds out his wife, Nisha, died after he disappeared. He mourns her, together with his son and mother, but still thanks Jadoo (who is somewhere between the stars) for giving his family this gift.

Krish ( कृष ) Movie Star Cast Name :-
Hrithik Roshan as Krishna "Krrish" Mehra / Dr. Rohit Mehra, Krishna's father (Dual Role)
Priyanka Chopra as Priya Kalyanan, Krrish's love interest
# as Dr. Siddhant Arya
Sharat Saxena as Dr. Vikram Sinha
Rekha as Sonia Mehra, Krishna's grandmother and Rohit's mother
Manini Mishra as Honey Arora
Archana Puran Singh as Nayantara, Priya and Honey's boss
Bin Xia as Kristian Li / Krrish
Hemant Pandey as Bahadur
Puneet Issar as Komal Singh
Akash Khurana as Father, Krrish's catholic school principal
Kiran Juneja as Amisha Kalyanan, Priya's mother
Yu Xuan as Kristian's sister
Preity Zinta as Nisha Mehra, Krishna's mother and Rohit's wife (special appearance in flashback)
Rakesh Roshan as Dr. Sanjay Mehra, Krishna's grandfather and Rohit's father


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