Ripple News: XRP Gains Momentum, Gets Ready For Breakout – Here’s The Latest Price Prediction

The crypto market looks great today, with the top coins trading in the green. XRP is one of them, and the coin is surrounded by all kinds of optimistic predictions.

Check out the latest ones coming from a popular crypto analyst and trader, as they were revealed by the online publication the Daily Hodl. 

XRP latest price prediction

Michaël van de Poppe analyses the price of XRP, and he has recently said that the digital asset is starting to gather some momentum.

In a new strategy session, he said that XRP is threatening to launch a 46% rally from its current price of $1.32.

“Looking at XRP, we do see that we are having this beautiful [support] flip at $1.06. I’ve also marked the level around $1 as that is a very good entry point. But we can see that the very important, significant level at $1.06 is providing support here.”

He continued and said the following:

“Some consolidation, sideways action and most likely we’re going to have a new breakout to the upside for XRP.”

The analyst is using the Fibonacci extension tool, and he said the target price for XRP is $1.85, which is close to its 2021 high of around $1.96.


Van de Poppe is also looking at XRP in its Bitcoin pair (XRP/BTC). He said that XRP/BTC is one resistance away from igniting a 140% surge from its current value of 0.000025 BTC.

“You want to take an entry around this area (0.000022 BTC or $1.10). You want to place your stop beneath. And most likely, we’re going to have a break that just pulls the trigger towards the next impulse move towards 0.000038 BTC, worth $1.90. And then you’re actually going to look for higher lows and higher highs.”

There are all kinds of optimistic crypto predictions floating around these days, and you should stray tuned for more info.



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