Index of Bollywood movies & Bollywood Tourism

 The Index of Bollywood movies is closely related to Bollywood Tourism. It is an emerging global battle between tourist offices to link in the Bollywood saga. Bollywood is the international and most popular definition of the Hindi film industry in India.
Which is also one of the largest in the world. Selling a billion more tickets a year than in Hollywood. Bollywood features themes from around the world.
The Hindi film industry has now led fans of this popular film culture to experience cooler climates in the Finnish Lapland of Rovaniemi and Poland (Fanaa), Victoria in Australia (Salaam Namaste), etc.
As Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and Singapore are the new destinations to Mumbai’s film repertoire.index of bollywood movies, bollywood tourism

Bollywood Tourism Facts

Tourist boards around the world, as well as Mumbai and India. Clamoring for a slice of the l Indian film industry expected to cross 140 billion rupees in revenue. According to a KPMG advisory report. Adding significant worth to Bollywood tourism.
Kashmir and Kerala have given way to global destinations as more producers head west to film their musicals.
The Indian Department of Tourism and the Government of Maharashtra has also pulled up their socks. And are looking to create private or public partnerships to promote Bollywood tourism. Which will impact the Index of Bollywood movies as well as Bollywood Tourism.
Particularly in the UK which has already developed a counter-tourism strategy to attract Hindi moviegoers. The British move is to allow Hindi film buffs to walk the trails of the now-famous British towns of London, Scotland, and Yorkshire and relive their favorite Bollywood cinematic moments.
While the official carrier of India proposes to add new flights to the London sector and to Europe to rope in the large Indian ex-pat community.
Britain’s tourism department is already putting high on Bollywood through the sale and distribution of an innovative “Bollywood Map of Britain”.
With dozens of points that identify scenes now seen from blockbusters in Hindi. Places such as Blenheim Palace, Waddesdon Manor. Used for the plans of Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham (K3G) and many other places made famous in Bollywood movies.
Recently, Hong Kong saw a 24.7% growth in the number of visitors from India.
Which has led the tourism board to learn some film-making links between Mumbai and Hong Kong, which plans to expand destinations and trips organized around Bollywood and also the market.
The vast production centers of Hong Kong to Indian filmmakers. The Singapore Tourist Board launched a “KKrissh” tour in 2006.
The Swiss success of Bollywood has now spilled over to Finland and the Finnish Tourist Board (FTB) had recently run programs for Bollywood dream merchants to familiarize themselves with Finland.
The FTB offers to provide localization grants. Other easy operations and permissions to install cameras and snapshots in Finland are under consideration.
The idea of ​​FTB is to sell the midnight sun and the northern lights of the archipelago and bring them under the arcades of Bollywood.
With a direct flight to Helsinki from India, it’s waiting and watching scenes with Bollywood fans. Adding Santa land to their vacation destination!
With film festivals and awards all the rage at the time, more and more countries are offering their destinations to prepare for.
Index of Bollywood movies pre and post productions, also setting aside budgets for awards and glitter shows.
The Malaysian government had set aside around the US $ 2.7 million to host the 2006 Global Indian Film Awards (GIFA).
Increasing sales of Malaysia as a premier destination for Bollywood. Already made famous in a multitude of countries. Hindi movies.
It was only recently that some private tour operators in Mumbai realized the need to exploit the “Bollywood” bug as part of their “Darshan” packages to Mumbai.
These operators charge around 100 USD or 3,900 rupees per person for a one-day guided studio tour with or without a meal package.
The experience gives tourists a better understanding of the nuances and technical aspects of running one of India’s most important and glamorous industries.
The trip includes either a movie studio or an on-site soap opera in one of the studios.
Tourists can see actors and technicians creating scenes that most fans may already be familiar with in the actual setting, triggering a call to watch.
Sometimes a post-production studio experience kicked off in which tourists learn and see in situ dubbing, sound editing, and some other special effects that added to films.
As most of the live studios in Mumbai are not open to the public. It is up to the individual tour operators to make their contracts with the studios they have a connection with.
Filmistan Studio is one of the most popular studios open to the public.
Yet, to thrive on the true Indian film experience. Tollywood or the southern Hyderabad film industry is the place to be.
With Mumbai broadcasting movies in Hindi, Telegu, the second most spoken language in South India, adds to the splendor and glamor of Tollywood.
Producing over 150 feature films a year in and around Hyderabad’s emerging new computer hub, it’s worth visiting Ramoji City, one of the world’s largest film complexes.
With over 1,600 acres of folded streetscapes, sound stages, warehouses, post-production facilities, hotels, restaurants.
Ramoji City modeled as a theme park and has judged by the Guinness Book of World record as a city of full tinsel.
Ramoji City is akin to experiencing the magic of cinema and “real-time” scenes recreated as in Universal Studios or in a Disney or MGM studio in the West.
With an entrance fee of 250 rupees or the US $ 5, this is an experience Mumbai has yet to pull off! Ends

Final Take on Index of Bollywood movies

Bollywood movies are handicapped by the film’s Central Certification Board, which forces everything from a kiss shot to drugs and swears by words – even once from a movie about drugs. Indian TV, which is also controlled by the government, often has retrospective stories about housewives and mother-in-law.

The arrival of Amazon and Netflix in India is a boon to directors and writers like Narayan who have long perished in the Bollywood arena – in an industry that is often accused of bias. Many filmmakers have told CNN Business that they believe international streaming services provide professionalism.

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