How to stop online servers to store your voice recordings?

Virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Questions asked from virtual assistant in case voice commands are stored in the company’s server. 

You can easily keep Google from keeping voice commands records if you want. Its procedure is very simple. Below we will explain the procedure for not saving voice commands using a web browser.

 If you want to do this in mobile, you can do this by following the same steps in the mobile browser.

First go to Google’s my activity page (click here).

Tap  the three-line hamburger icon on the left of the top page and open the menu. Click on activities.

Scroll down to voice & audio activity below.

Here you will see the blue toggle. If this tool is on, turn it off.

Turning it off will warn you in a popup message that there may be serious consequences for doing so, such as the Google assistant won’t be able to identify you. You still turn it off again.

 If you want to turn it on again, you can turn on toggle in the same way.

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