How to make money on amazon associates with zero investment


What is Amazon’s affiliate marketing? How to make money on amazon associates with zero investment? In amazon, many products are available if you sale any product from amazon then you will get some percentage of that sale these is amazon affiliate marketing.

amazon associates

By using Facebook account: In the Facebook method, you have to do a post of affiliate products systematically on the amazon Facebook pages of Facebook below are the steps to follow:

Simple Steps to make money on amazon associates with zero investment

  1. Make an amazon affiliate account on the Amazon website and verify your account by amazon by entering all the details related to the website and remember after verification only you can change the country you want.
  2. Log in to a Facebook account and join all the pages related to amazon sales.
  3. Login to amazon account and select country as the USA because the selling of affiliate product in the USA is better than in India
  4. Click on the 12 days of deal or Today’s best deal and select offer you can see the offer form 10% to 50 % of discount, select the brands with minimum 40 % off because it will increase the chance of purchase.
  5. Copy the product name and search on the amazon affiliates, copy the short link of the product.
  6. Take the 3 to 4 screenshot of the product or download the good image of the product.
  7. Post the image on the amazon group on Facebook.
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By doing these you can earn a minimum 500 INR TO 1000 INR per day with zero investment for lifetime same trick you can apply with other affiliate websites.

What’s app method: Make a what’s app group with an attractive name such as amazon daily deals add all your friends message them not to text in these group otherwise they will be automatically removed and you will not be able to enjoy the offer and deals on amazon .you will be the admin of the group go to amazon account share the link on what’s app group link as @48% off MRP 129.99 $ discount 67 $. If they feel the offer is good they will purchase and you will earn money.


Facebook Groups

Similarly, you can make a Facebook group also and slowly – slowly the member will increase in the group if you post regularly and you will earn good above is the full step by step method of ‘How to earn money on amazon with no investment with attached proof 2018’ by following the method correctly you can more than 1000$ a day but it depends upon your level of promotion you are doing and your hard follow the above steps on “ How to make money on amazon associates with zero investment”.



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