How to get infinity free hosting for lifetime

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How to get infinity free hosting for a lifetime with attached proof by my personal method 2018 in this article I am sharing my personal method to get free hosting for a lifetime with attached proof. Many people are facing problems because of more price of hosting so below is the full article with the website to get free hosting for free.

In market 1000 of the company are available which are providing free hosting but the big disadvantage of this company is that you have to use their name in your domain name.

In word press you will get

At web starts you will get

For The weebly you will get

These all domains are too long to remember, not easy to rank in the search engine, and even not sounds good so, read the full article to get a free domain name for a lifetime, only you have to spend 125 INR to get a domain name from go daddy and other domain registrars website. The name of the website is viewen from where you can get free hosting for a lifetime.

The website is amazing and the Facebook rating is 4.9 which is also very good it also provide free other services such as free SSL, free support, free softaculous, unlimited control panels.

How to get infinity free hosting for lifetime procedure

  1. Sign up: when you click on the sign up button a new screen will open and select the area Delhi and click on order now.
  2. Choose a domain: Enter the existing domain name which you have and click on use.
  3. Review and check out: Review your domain which you have chosen and you can see the checkout amount is 0.00 $ USD. Click on the green checkout open in the order summary.
  4. Personal detail and billing information: Enter all the information correctly to get free hosting for lifetime. These checkout sections requires personal information, billing address, additional required information , account security in which you have choose your login password for account and finally payment detail which is 0.00$ USD. Click on the agree button and complete order.

Viewen form

In site content and additional note option you have to fill the detail about your website and why you want to choose to host of viewen below is the content for site content and additional note you can just copy and paste the content.

Site content / Additional note: Hi I am starting a new blog about technology and tricks so that I need a web hosting account my friend Ashish Gola suggested I consume your hosting he gave me a good review of your services I also want your super-fast hosting.

I will be really thankful to you I will follow all your rules and policies in the future I have like your Facebook page also.

  1. Infinity free hosting Order confirmation: After clicking on the complete order option the site will be directed to order conformation site with the order number and thank you messages and finally click on the continue to client area you will be directed to your home page of viewen website now, go-to service option and click on my services you can see your domain is pending for approval.
  2. My product and services: In my product and service section you can see your pending domain for approval with a price.
  3. Get approval fast: To get approval fast now click on the open ticket and click on a new account and enter all the details correctly and in message section paste the site content/additional note matter present in the article, upload the like screenshot image of the Facebook of viewen Facebook page and click on submit.
  4. Ticket created: Support ticket has been created and the pending domain will be approved within 12hrs to 24 hrs and the viewen website may require additional information about the domain which you have to provide so please add the domain name which is yours.

Information for viewen

So above is the article with attached images from where you can get free domain hosting for your website for life time. If you need any additional information you can comment below in the comment section.

  1. APPROVAL OF DOMAIN: when you confirm the submission viewen website will ask some additional information via email or in support ticket of viewen website you have to reply with all the requirement what they are asking for after submitting the requirement viewen website will approve your domain within 6 hours below the attached proof and they will send the user name and password of your Cpanel and now you can enjoy the lifetime free hosting. Below is the attached Proof.
  2. EMAIL PROOF: below is the attached image of email in which viewen has given all the details to get login into hosting server you can also see attached proof of youtube videos for how to install word press and how to login to the server of infinity free hosting.

The Verdict

By following the above article and all the steps you will get free hosting for your domain for a lifetime at zero cost. before I was using hosting of Godaddy hosting I am paying 3000 per year and by using viewen I am saving 3000 INR per month for lifetime. Read the above article 2 to 3 times about ‘Getting lifetime free hosting for your website by my personal method with attached proof ‘.I will be happier if you share these article in your social media about ” How to get infinity free hosting for a lifetime with attached proof by my personal method.

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