Always The Same Blue Sky...

Always The Same Blue Sky...

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上传者: 最新版本: Update Date:
NeoNight. 2.12 04/09/2015


Languages currently included:

Please note that, for the time being, some of the features introduced in version 2.0 (such as choices) are not included if you play through in Chinese; an updated translation is being worked on.

Tablet edition: Please note I have chosen to render the project at a generous resolution ensuring that it looks crisp on even the latest tablets. As a result, when running on older tablets a black screen may be displayed for a few seconds after the initial loading screen depending on the processing power. In the same vein, if during the story nothing happens immediately after tapping the screen, it usually means an animation is loading, please wait a few seconds before tapping again. A few of the animations have been slightly simplified to ensure that the novel runs smoothly on as many devices as possible. If you are unsure whether your older tablet is able to run the novel or not, I urge you to first try the demo.

PC Version:

What's new

Some of the below features aren't present when reading through in Chinese - updated translation being worked on.

04/09/15 ~ Version 2.12
German + Japanese translations updated
Option to use plain text box added
Multiple bug/typo fixes and improvements

08/03/15 ~ Version 2.0!
Integrated choices + multiple dialogue paths
Added a second ending (chosen based on choices made)
Added varied dialogue based on gender
Improved animations
Rewritten a lot of text
Improved GUI



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